Augmented reality is starting to be about sharing

If you’ve not seen the YouTube demo of Hololens and Mindcraft it’s definitely worth a look:

The augmented and virtual reality are definitely getting some new capabilities. I can think of some interesting applications… where multiple people can see the same augmented environment.

Another solution that looks interesting is Holus. This tabletop holodeck may have some interesting possibilities to generate a shared experience, without the glasses.


HaloLens – my interest is peaked

Augmented reality has always interested me and I finally got around to signing up for Microsoft’s HaloLens community. I used to do quite a bit of work with Microsoft (somewhere around here I have a crystal cube for the ‘lasting contributions’ to Visual Studio 2005) but I’ve not exercised those skills in a while – so HaloLens seemed like an ideal opportunity.

The hardware shown looks powerful and flexible. I’ll need to come up with some use cases that can exercise its capabilities. I am sure that somewhere between ham radio, data analytics, 3d printing and my other interests there must be something.

Unfortunately, it is unlikely that I’ll make it to a build event but hopefully I’ll get my hands on one somehow.