Can’t say enough positive about Printrbot customer support

simple metal silverUnfortunately, the hot end of my 3D printer went out. I thought about replacing it with a different one but went back to the hot end sold by Printrbot for a replacement. Hopefully, it will last at least as long as the previous ceramic hot end.

During the process of purchasing, somehow I managed to select a different shipping method than the one I intended (costing about 3-4 times as much). I dropped their support mailing address a note saying I’d just ordered a hot end but when I saw the order, a different shipping method than I intended was used. I actually didn’t have much hope that it would be fixed, since in just a few hours I had a noticed that the device was already on its way to me.

Yesterday afternoon, I received a note that they had address the shipping issue and a partial refund was on the way — I was elated.

This is the fourth time I’ve order something from Printrbot, every time they have exceeded my expectations in one way or another.

I just thought they deserved a post about my experience.