A new engraving project – Hufflepuff

Now that the 3D printer is operational again, I needed something else to tackle. So I dusted off the CNC machine — literally.

My daughter is into Harry Potter and has taken the test to determine she is a Hufflepuff. I had sitting around so I thought I would cut out the Hufflepuff crest. Here is what the crest is supposed to look like:

Hufflepuff crest

I only had Poplar available, so ended up creating this:

6″ wooden Hufflepuff crest

Poplar has long fibers and is not all that hard of a wood, so it did not come out as nice as I would have liked. This piece has no real sanding to clean up the edges, but that is easily addressed.

I used a 1mm flat bit to clear away the open areas to a depth of 2mm and a 60 degree V bit for the edges and detail. Overall, I deem the design a success. The next problem is determining how to finish it or to start over with some Maple or other more appropriate wood.

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