Crafting a Cantilevered Wine Holder

You’ve likely seen these around:IMG_20180822_070319596

Cantilevered wine holders are a decorative way to display a bottle. We were doing a fund-raising activity, so I made a number of these and decided to document in detail the process to build the wine holder. Only a few bottles were killed during the creation of this document

If you make one, let me know. If you see anything you’d do differently, I’d like to hear about that too.


One thought on “Crafting a Cantilevered Wine Holder

  1. I have gotten some notes from folks about where this design came from. It started with a version created by a couple from my neighborhood that lived in Detroit and made these for sale back 20-30 years ago. The only addition I contributed was playing with the design to round off one end and route the edges. This caused me to make it 1/2″ longer than their original design, to counterbalance the removed material.

    The real reason I made one of these was to create the 3D printed jig to hold the design while drilling the hole. Creating a jig design that would stand up to the riggers of the drilling process took a few tries — it really didn’t want to have a hole drilled at an angle.


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