Broad vs. Deep knowledge and preparing for the future

T-shapedI was talking with a group the other day about their career development vision and goals. I found it concerning how narrow their view was of their development needs and the industries expectations of them.

Recently the website provided a post titled Bridging the Gap to the Future by Investing in T-Shaped Professional Development. If you’re not familiar with the concept it is about how the shifting needs of our ever-changing business models combined with the relentless drumbeat of technology development is requiring those who want to have a long lasting career to be both broad and deep.

The article describes being T-shaped in general and then focused on an effort at Harvard to create an IT Academy where they have created 6 competency tracks, to help broaden your horizons.

  • Service Mindset
  • Trusted Advisor
  • Core Practices
  • Specialized Disciplines
  • Management effectiveness
  • Leadership & Coaching

Unfortunately, these courses appear to only be available in face-to-face training, at this point. is a community that is focused on Service Innovation and also has committed to developing T-Shaped individuals. Membership is free so if the topic interests you – check it out.


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