Gartner’s 2015 predictions are out for the coming year

Gartner’s annual Hype Cycle chart was just released. As usual it covers a number of technologies that I’ve blogged about over the years. One that seems to be rising from the trough of disillusionment and into the mainstream is enterprise 3D printing. Consumer 3D printing has peaked and is on its way down but anyone who’s done much in that space probably realizes it. 3D printing in medicine though is just starting to climb, even though it has been around for a long time.

As far as a prediction goes, there doesn’t seem much to argue with in the 3D printing space, that’s probably where I’d put those as well.

On charges like this there are always a few that I find interesting. ‘Software-defined security’ is nearing the top between ‘digital dexterity’ and ‘Neurobusiness’, also above ‘Citizen data science’.

I must not be reading enough tech rags, since none of those technologies ring a bell.


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