Why is it inevitable that Computer Intelligence Blooms?

AIThere are a number of aspects of computing that are better than the way humans learn and behave. Computers:

  • Don’t start front scratch – when a human is born, they have to learn how to walk, talk and even eat. You reboot or rehost and computing just carries on.
  • Never forget – unless there is some unforeseen hardware failure, once information is stored in a computer it can be kept forever at that same level of detail. That is definitely not the case for humans. Granted media transfer can be an issue for computers
  • Make repeatable decisions – Humans often cloud their decisions with feelings to the point where many decisions are based on emotions and justified with data. Unless there is something technically wrong, a computer should come up with the same results every time. Using this approach the decision approach can be tuned (debugged).
  • Are patient – All too often humans leap into action prematurely. Computers will wait forever for conditions to be met. This is also a limitation though since sometimes actions are required, that concept can be programmed in.
  • Communicate – Once a computer is connected to a network, it can be monitored and communicate with the environment around it. People have a habit of disconnecting and being hard to track down.
  • Improve – Each generation of computers builds effectively on the previous generation. That’s true for people in most cases, but computers are on a steeper curve.
  • Are fast – This is probably the dominating factor that allows them to expand in how they generate value. The decisions computers make are fairly simple, but since they take place so quickly they can compound into very complex efforts like pattern recognition and virtual reality.

Having said all that, each of these characteristics has had people at the foundation of the research and innovation. Hopefully all these advances will supplement and focus the scarce resource that is human creativity and attention.

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