The trials and tribulations of installing Windows 10 on a new SSD

banging headI spent a great deal of time yesterday trying to install my free upgrade of Windows 10 on a new solid state drive. I used the Media Creation Tool to install the OS — just as a note I received on Friday from Microsoft said.

The ONLY way this approach would work though is when I disconnected all my hard drives that had Windows 8 on them. When I tried the install while those were connected, I ended up in some partially updated states that complained quite a bit at boot up time that required my Rescue USB drive to get the machine booting again.

Once I disconnected the other drives though, the installation went smoothly all the way up until the windows activation key entry. I didn’t have one. I called up Microsoft and the first person I talked with said leave it blank and it will figure it out eventually.

After 24 hours, I called again. This time they told me “Oh that free upgrade that is for in place upgrades not new installations.” They said I’d need to buy a new version. Ouch! When I read what the note from Microsoft said, the individual said “Oh that is wrong!”

So now I had to disconnect my SSD, connected my windows 8 drive, booted up and I’m now awaiting the blessing of windows 10 to be bestowed on my current installation. I think at that point, I should be able to extract the activation key and try to use it on my SSD windows 10 install.

A great deal of frustration, which would have been eliminated by having better trained support personnel and clearer guidance from MS in the note they sent me, on Friday! I’m not to windows 10 nirvana yet, but think I see the light (or the train) from here.


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