General fact checking falls to automation too?

true or falseFact checking by humans cannot keep up with the tremendous volume of information generated online. Now, computers can do fact-checking for any body of knowledge, according to Indiana University scientists, writing in a paper titled: Computational Fact Checking from Knowledge Networks. Computational fact checking may significantly enhance the ability to evaluate the validity of all the dubious information, the Internet is known for.

Using factual information from summary info boxes from Wikipedia as a source, they built a “knowledge graph” with 3 million concepts and 23 million links between them. A link between two concepts in the graph can be read as a simple factual statement, such as “Socrates is a person” or “Paris is the capital of France.”

The researchers aim to conduct additional experiments using knowledge graphs built from other sources of human knowledge, such as Freebase (the open-knowledge base built by Google).


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