A vacation hardware inventory

Sun-Summer-Clipart-Illustration-Of-A-Happy-SmilingTaking a bit of a break from the job hunt and blogging scene, down in Gulf Shores, AL, this week. A great place that has sun, white sand beaches and good food. There are eight of us and this morning I was mentally taking an inventory of the hardware that came with us to the beach (there are eight of us):

  • 4 tablets (1 Android, 1 Windows, 1 IPad and 1 Kindle)
  • 9 phones (8 Android and 1 iPhone)
  • 4 laptops (all windows)

And of course, there is wireless Internet at the beech house we’re renting. That’s quite a bit of hardware for a one week ‘vacation’. Of the eight people, three of us are doing work-related activities while here, although I assume everyone is checking their email.

Unlike some things that people take with them on a trip like this, all these devices are being used every day (and are used far more than the TV, which is on hardly at all). This makes me think that these electronics (and work) are an essential part of our modern existence – or are we just addicted to the instantaneous gratification they provide and refuse to give them up.

Although some promote the tech-free vacation, I’m not sure that this group could handle it with the amount of hardware we’re pack’n.


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