Another look at technologies to watch in 2015

evaluationDion Hinchcliffe wrote a piece for ZDnet on The Enterprise Technologies to Watch for 2015 that is worth looking at. There are some things that you might disagree with but overall it covers emerging technologies well.

Some examples I’d move around are:

3D printing – Dion has it in the tactical space and granted the technologies available today are likely tactical but the learning curve for 3D printing technologies is rapidly expanding and providing more options and applications each year. I’d call it strategic for many organizations who normally don’t think of themselves as manufacturing

If there is one space that appears underrepresented (to me), it’s biotech and life sciences. The combination of genetics and big data techniques… will impact every business, even if it is just through the health of its employees.

I’d also include blockchain and its effect on cryptocurrency, finance, government… there is more here than just bitcoin.

The great thing about a list like this is that it causes you to think about what’s new, where the technologies
stand and where they will likely be headed.


One thought on “Another look at technologies to watch in 2015

  1. Charlie, thanks much for the counterpoint and commentary.The strategic vs. tactical bucketing is a tough call for all of these technologies, certainly. Especially for particular industries, where certain tech is strategic where it’s not for others (manufacturing and 3D printing, in your correct example.) The goal here is to encourage others to move these items around the map for them, as this is too generalized a view for any particular organization. The positive response I get on this framework indicates it is useful, however.


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