The shepherd, their flock and leadership

sheep and shepherdOne of the areas I generally talk about is the value of diversity. Diversity of perspective, experience, and expertise… are all contributors to the rapid creation of innovative solutions. This is based in the value of the individual.

In a discussion about teams with someone, he pointed out that teams are about leadership and common goals, not about the differences. His example was a flock of sheep. Its value is not the differentiation of its members but the strength in numbers, unity and action.

But the sheep don’t choose the shepherd the shepherd chooses the sheep. That is where leadership (and interviewing for that matter) comes into play – shaping where the herd is going.

Granted all models are wrong, but some are useful. This whole view of life I found thought provoking. We need to look at problems and issues from many perspectives and actively choose our path and not just get carried along with the herd — unless we’re all going to the same place.

This is true in the financial markets (and how stocks are valued) as well as organizations and life.

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