A bit of Blogging for Diginomica

Broken-chainDuring my downtime between formal roles, I was asked if I would be interested in supporting diginomica by authoring blog posts. diginomica.com is a different approach to social media that seeks to break free of the pack based upon two main things:

  1. The business model is based upon meaningful partnerships between the vendor community and editorial experts.
  2. A deeply experienced team of practitioners, consultants, analysts and content creators.

I was honored that the diginomica team thought my meager efforts were deemed impactful. Since these perspectives continue to flow out of my mind (and I can’t stop myself), anything that helps expose them to others and provide validation or an alternative opinion to keep me grounded — is welcome.

Please check out their content, since there is definitely significant depth of knowledge leaning into the content they share. My goal is to provide them with one post a week, based on my experience and perspective.


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