What should be in an IoT conference??

conference2I had a long conversation this morning with someone who is defining an IoT conference. We were talking about industry trends and the various needs for effective adoption. He mentioned that his conference was going to have at least three tracks:

That made me ask what kind of target audience his organization was actually going after. I expressed that was there was no real business value in just those tracks. No reason for those with the funding to attend. There is no real reason to adopt IoT when I look at this technology-based conference agenda, that would have to take place before and outside his conference – was he satisfied with that??? I know I wouldn’t be.

I mentioned that technology is a side-effect of the value generation process. In an industry like oil and gas for example, if you can find more oil or extract it from the ground more efficiently using an IoT approach, there is a near infinite supply of funding to be had – but only if you can convince the business it’s real.

IoT needs to be viewed as a strategic problem, not an IT one. It needs to be part of thinking about turning products into relationship platforms that affect the quality and impact of the experience. This may be the Achilles Heel of IoT – the focus on the things, instead of why the things exist and the holistic environment view of that existence.

What other areas are missing from the conference that needs to be addressed for effective IoT adoption??


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