Bringing the Internet of Things home

IoT HomeSince I now have a bit of time on my hands, I’ve been looking into various ways into DIY IoT. There are a number of kits out there ranging from small hubs up to starter kits and large sensor installations. I have a few Raspberry Pi ideas in the works so hopefully that will give me a chance to bring IoT home as well.

Earlier this year Andreas Christodoulou wrote a post mentioning 5 Ways the IoT will make your House Safer and Healthier. His 5 ways were definitely on target, although integrating them with some analytics and further automation can provide an even greater boost to your house.

I think about some of the automation I’ve added to my cell phone:

  • When I leave home and am out of range of my home Internet, it turns off WiFi to save power and turns on Bluetooth, since I’ll probably want to connect with it.
  • When I plug into power, it turns the WiFi back on. If I am at home also turn off location services.
  • When I am home and it’s after 9 PM, it turns off notification.
  • When its morning the phone always turns on notifications, no matter where I am.

And a range of other things that maximize the value of my device.

Since many more organizations are going to be moving into the service business (whether they know it or not), this is an opportunity. I can easily see these same approaches expanding and their being a ‘market’, over time, for both actions and triggers (including behavioral patterns). Of course, we’ll still have to worry about passive over-sharing through the results of our actions.


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