Fridge part of botnet attack

Evil FridgeWe probably all knew that something like this was going to hit the press sometime soon. A CNet report states that a smart refrigerator was caught sending spam emails as part of:

“a cyber-attack whereby the attacker hijacks devices remotely to send spam — incorporating over 100,000 devices between 23 December and 6 January, including routers, multimedia centres, televisions and at least one refrigerator.”

The first documented case of a common appliances being used in a sophisticated cyber- described as:

“The attack sent out over 750,000 spam emails, in bursts of 100,000 emails at a time, three times a day, with no more than 10 emails sent from any one IP address, making them difficult to block. Over 25 per cent of the emails were sent from devices that weren’t conventional computers or mobile devices.”

Sort of ironic since I put out a post on the 7 Questions to Help Look Strategically at IoT on Monday.


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